I took a bunch of photos of this beetle at an insectarium in Montreal, Canada. I did not take photos of the identifying information (like I normally do, I can’t remember all these scientific names!), so this one is a mystery for now. Done in Procreate.


This Cattle dog/German Shepherd mutt is our newest pack member, Pippin. The only non-blurry photos I have of him are when he’s sleeping, so don’t be fooled by the placid demeanor in this sketch. Done in Procreate.


One of my first experiments on Procreate! This is my favorite time: a warm summer evening. Note the stars just beginning to peek out. I referenced a photo I took near Lake Sammamish, Washington. Nov 24, 2022.

Great British Bake-Off

In January of 2022 I got really into a particular season of the Great British Bake-Off. When I posted the portraits, each of the subjects (with the exception of Noel!) at least “liked” my post, and a few left messages of encouragement! Star-struck! I guess I’ll just have to draw a better one of Noel. 😉